Saturday, October 18, 2014

Practice Runs at Waikaraka Park for Season 14/15

Just a few photos from the practices at Waikaraka Park last Sunday and today. Numbers are looking good and hopefully the weather will play its part for opening night on Labour Weekend.

 photo B23a_zps9fd7045e.jpg
 photo B61a_zps8c135012.jpg
 photo B81a_zps1e31b2f0.jpg
 photo B97a_zps3de47618.jpg
 photo B4a_zps41437d21.jpg
 photo B22a2_zps8747d30f.jpg
 photo b83a_zps8f374f19.jpg
 photo b16a_zpsafeaab70.jpg
 photo B22a_zps560988f4.jpg

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Big Bad Charlie

Here is a great interview by Go Slideways featuring Big Bad Charlie Berntsen, well worth a look and some great stories from our stockcar history of one of the sports real characters. Figure 8 races, how he earned his nickname, banned for life and other gems! Link to the video is HERE. Also check out Pete's page on Macgors HERE.

 photo Charlie-2_zpsb2023f82.jpg

Saturday, August 16, 2014

King of the Park / Ollie Browne Meeting

 photo 91a_zpsff25472c.jpg
 photo 113r_zps45e8ef45.jpg
 photo 109m_zps206671db.jpg
 photo 4h_zps10c206a2.jpg
 photo 88a_zps968f8f2e.jpg

King of the Park / Ollie Browne Meeting
Waikaraka Park

Another meeting I ran out of time to post about, so here it is, only a few months late! Kelvin Gray was the standout driver in the Superstocks pedalling the 113r Tony Takarua car in a good field of 23 cars. Heat 1 and 3 victories and a 3rd in heat two enough to crown him King of the Park. 351a Paul Vazey and 11a Carl Hodge pushing him back to third in the feature Ollie Browne race. Lets hope we get to see more of him next season. Baypark's Jason Brown the other driver to taste success with a heat 2 win in the immaculate looking 109m car. 91a Paul Chatfield took the overall title (and best donuts on the skidpad) in the Stockcars after 3 excellent heats of carnage, finishing 4 points ahead of 651a Troy Power and 45a Corey Baker taking third place a further 3 points back in a field of nearly 30 cars. Streetstocks, Saloons and Modifieds filled out a strong programme but the real feel good factor of this meeting was getting to see Shane Bessant driving the Darryl Roper 19s car that Shane built. Considering it was his first time out in the car and first drive in a Superstock, it was rather impressive, also a great gesture from Darryl and the team.

Superstocks King of the Park
113r Kelvin Gray, 95r Tony Fabish, 7a Jamie Fergusson
Stockcars King of the Park
91a Paul Chatfield, 651a Troy Power, 45a Corey Baker

 photo small95asaloon_zps3acecefc.jpg
 photo 47p_zps5c3c5c24.jpg
 photo 19s_zpsaead41bb.jpg
 photo 95r_zps6659c35a.jpg
 photo 43a_zps78ef697e.jpg
 photo 62a_zpsc35fb7fd.jpg
 photo 00DirtyKeith1_zps9cc34d38.jpg
 photo 63a_zpsd6a219ba.jpg
 photo 33r_zps8aa2326a.jpg
 photo 48h_zps758d53ea.jpg
 photo 95a_zps0d4ca816.jpg
 photo 38m_zpscc4c2352.jpg
 photo 651a_zps7bc12dea.jpg
 photo 42a_zps424b3e91.jpg
 photo 85a_zps22f5f28d.jpg
 photo 29a_zps415b6e55.jpg
 photo 19s2_zps4d5b1013.jpg
 photo 001DirtyKeith2_zps41fd04f1.jpg
 photo 53a_zpsc69369dd.jpg
 photo 37a_zps8f626b42.jpg
 photo small94a_zps9948269f.jpg

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Workshop Update 981r Steve Gray

 photo 981r2_zpse4356a13.jpg
 photo 981r_zps62616242.jpg
 photo 981r3_zps7930ae1c.jpg

981r Steve Gray
Hometrack: Paradise Valley, Rotorua

Here's another workshop update this time from Steve Gray, formerly from Huntly and now one of the Rotorua Rascals who made such an impression on the teams front representing Paradise Valley, remaining unbeaten all season, and taking the Rees Shield off the Alleycats. An off season rebuild for the tank should see Steve once again in the action, here's a 5 minute interview:

What got you into stock car racing? 
Got into racing as I always went as a kid and my father raced at Forest Lake. I also went a lot as a kid with my Uncle racing modifieds.

What year did you start out?
Started racing production saloons in 03/04 season and stockcars in 05/06 season.

Do you know the background on the car you have?
Car was built by George Duncan 23v in about 1981. Then went to Bill Peat, then became Chris 'bomber' Brittons first tank. The went to Hawkes Bay to Tony Darroch 68b, then to Auckland with Shane Waldon 89a. It then disappeared for a few years and came back as a stockcar with Micheal Stanaway 42a, then to Tony Whyte 83h (this is when I started racing it) then I brought it half way through 2010/11 season.

How many cars have you had since you started?
This is my second car, first stockcar was shared with my father and was Rees car number 13, Rob Miers first car.

Any injuries over the years?
I've had 2 ko's, couple of cracked ribs, 2 broken bones in my left foot and I broke my tail bone at this years War of the Stocks meeting.

What's your favourite track to race?
Favorite track would be Stratford, Rotorua and Palmy isn't too bad, fun wall!

Goals for this season?
Goals for the season are to concentrate on the Rascals and teams racing, it's my new passion, also the NI title at Rotorua.

Will you be a the NZ Title in Nelson or focussing on the teams racing?
Not going to New Zealand champs this year as its a bit out of my budget.

It was an awesome run for the Rascals last season, favourite moment for you?
Favourite part of the season with the Rascals was the whole season! Amazing team to be a part of, on and off the track. We're all best friends and racing together is a pleasure, super proud to be a Rascal!

 photo 981rSquare_zps6d8124ac.jpg
Did that hit you took in Palmy hurt much, the tank looked a little sick afterwards?
The hit at Palmy didn't hurt at all. Looked spectacular, but only damage to the tank really was a broken rim and a broken axle. Had the car ready for next race but decided to save the car for teams. A series of photos from this incident can be found (and ordered) HERE from Square Photography.

Any changes or updates to the tank?
A few upgrades this season, got a new O'Conner race engine ready to go in, changing rear end to floating 4 bar to get the new power down, and just a tidy up and a few other updates.

New colour scheme or sticking with the black?
Tanks finally going away from the black but you will have to wait and see what the colour is as I haven't even decided yet haha!

Anything else you wanna mention?
Just like to thank all the people that have helped me over the years and to the fans, they're the ones we put a show on for. Also if anyone is interested in sponsoring the tank this season get in touch as I have pretty much no sponsor and some help would be great. GO THE RASCALS!

Facebook page and contact: HERE login to Facebook first...
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