Sunday, December 14, 2014

Waikato Stockcar Title

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 photo 44h_zps8742e354.jpg
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Waikato Stockcar Title
Huntly Speedway, December 13, 2014

After a tough personal week, the thought of smashing bashing stock cars at Huntly Speedway got my blood pumping so off I went, despite the weather in Auckland not looking too good, the locals posted that the track had a low chance of rain - so thank you for those updates. They proved pretty much spot on with some light rain falling at the end of the meeting but as we have seen this season the Huntly club get the meetings moving pretty fast in these situations, and had the main event completed early.

Cars were split in to two groups - 20 cars in each although the 88h stayed on the trailer - two heats for each group and then points decided the starting position for an all in grand final 15 lap race for the title. Points were not forthcoming through the night although Mintie was on his own doing the commentary which is a pity. A few visitors had dared to enter but no one has managed to wrestle this title from the locals for a long time so it was a daunting prospect for the cars from Hawkes Bay, Rotorua, Bay Park, Kihikihi and Auckland who supported the meeting.

Group 1
55h, 43h, 87a, 33r, 39h, 22h, 13h, 198h, 28r, 49h, 51h, 218h, 8h, 28h, 36h, 32h, 15h, 117a, 99h.

Heat 1  55h Neville Hazelton had pole for the first heat but was left in the the dust of the  frontrunners, 218h Aaron Alderton, 51h Ali Van Amsterdam and 87a Charles Day. Early retirements for 99h and 28h before our first big hit, 33r Kieran Hines spun and smacked hard by Tony Van Lieshout who couldn't avoid him which destroyed the wheel guard and bumper ending his night. Alderton and Van Amsterdam continued a great battle for the lead while Day spun and lost lots of ground. 54h Nigel Hazelton was a popular target spun by Day and also 39h Craig Martin. 117a Dean Mulholland had looked ominous until the last lap as the car lost power and slowly rolled over the finish for points. 218h takes heat one ahead of 51h.
Heat 2  Four cars failed to front but our top two from heat 1 were off the back of the grid while 49h Tony Van Lieshout had pole and lead out well. It didn't take long before we had a lead group of 22h Les Hepworth, 49h, 51h and 218h tussling for the lead. A number of cars punctured in this heat as the corners of turn 3 and 4 developed holes, 55h and 28h from memory. 87a Day couldn't avoid 15h Hadley Dixon's car and was collected by 28h Craig Miller on the back straight, then a red light came on for debris, 198h Patrick Sarjeant couldn't restart bringing the red back on to remove him. 49h Van Lieshout was caught out by the second restart and Van Amsterdam jumped grabbing the lead. We had one more red light in possibly the best race by the Stockcars on the night when 29r Terence Peri Woods was attacked twice by Nigel Hazelton before 8h Larry Henderson smacked into the two cars by the pit gate. Only 10 cars finished with 51h coming home ahead of 218h, 22h and 49h.

Group 2
5h, 31h, 16a, 98h, 71a, 114k, 33h, 145a, 169h, 84h, 27h, 14h, 24h, 47m, 616h, 15b, 91a, 44h, 38h

Heat 1  27h Brett Aiken lead from the flag although 5h Andre Stenson had a slow start. 16a David Ingram would have a tough night and it started almost immediately, taken to the infield by 24h Brad Philpott. Next it was 141k Matt Nilsson having a go at the Aucklander before Ingram survived a huge launch by 84h Brendan Vincent. 16a finally pulling infield with a flat left rear tyre. 145a Jessica Peat also had tyre problems but circulated for points. 47m Keegan Orr took over the lead in an impressive drive, the car showing good speed chased by 98h Rhys Beaumont, Aiken and 91a Paul Chatfield. Beaumont when wide on the final turn clipping the wall but retained second place although Chatfield lost his place on the final turn to 44h Anthony McNeil. Orr picked up the win while 15b Michael Smith rounded out the top 6.
Heat 2  169h Rob Neill had pole and all 19 cars made the second heat. 31h Kyle Symons almost had the 71a of Geoff Cook tipped over and sadly this was the closest we came to a rollover even with cash and trophies on offer! 616h Cody Webster got caught up in the hit also. 33h Tyson Wootton was next to try and claim the money with a massive shot on 141k Nilsson not quite getting the result but the PT Cruiser was looking rather second hand with panels coming off everywhere. Red lights for the mess and Wootton sent infield but after a protest that he still had a bonnet he rejoined the field. 16a Ingram was next to bring on the reds after Nilsson got him in almost the identical spot he had been 'got' by Wootton. This brought on the reds and the incident also involved 14h Hazel Brown and 616h Cody Webster. 33h Wootton also retired with more Cruiser parts falling off. 44h Anthony McNeil lead at this stage from Chatfield, Smith, Aitken and Orr and it came down to a 4 way battle right to the last corner before Orr and Aitken half spun each other on turn four, 15b Smith and 91a Chatfield taking advantage to follow McNeil home. 616h Webster finished the race with flames requiring some extinguishing infield.

I didn't get many of the points but going by the starting grid, Alderton had top scored with Van Amsterdam on 39pts, followed by Orr, McNeil, Hepworth and 15b Smith. Chatfield, Van Lieshout, Aiken and Henderson rounded out the top 10 grids in a 25 car final. 218h Alderton immediately took control of the race from lap 1 having looked a class above everyone all night. When 51h Van Amsterdam suffered a flat right rear the most obvious challenger for the title was gone fairly early. Orr, Hepworth and McNeill followed in the wake of Alderton who by mid race had a huge lead. 71a Geoff Cook puts some good shots in on the locals hitting 15h, 31h before getting dealt to himself leaving him facing the wall between turns 3 & 4 bringing on the reds. 98h Rhys Beaumont who had looked very fast all night also retired at this point and 91a Chatfield had just pulled infield too. 33h Wootton had a go at 47m Orr who survived but then bounced out of the hole in turn 3 smashing his right rear shock and his strong challenge ended here. Alderton got the white flag ahead of Les Hepworth, McNeill, Aiken and Smith before our last act of the night had Hepworth spin within sight of a podium finish, recovering for 4th. Final placings: 218h, 44h, 27h, 22h, 15b, 5h, 8h, 28h.

I think this is Alderton's 3rd win of this title if I'm not mistaken, and his driving this season has really stepped up a notch or two with the new car. He will definitely be a contender at Nelson for the NZ title if entered and obviously if he has a little bit of support from other northern track entrants. Keegan Orr was the other driver to really impress along with Tyson Wootton in the very distinctive PT Cruiser which is always good to see. Surprise of the night though was the fact that we still haven't had a rollover in this class at the two biggest meets so far, despite the incentives offered. Take nothing away from the action that was served up but who will finally break the drought?

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 photo 15h_zpsa37fe3ff.jpg
 photo 49h_zps3d31dc26.jpg
 photo 8h_zpse307c150.jpg
 photo 91a_zpsfcc44f2b.jpg
 photo 99h_zps3b07ba95.jpg
 photo 28h_zps50b0f3c8.jpg
 photo 198h_zps776da98b.jpg
 photo 84h_zps27348362.jpg
 photo 31h_zpsb27506ba.jpg
 photo 55h_zpsfcc130d5.jpg
 photo 98h_zps5dc3909f.jpg
 photo 5h_zpsbbae186f.jpg
 photo 22h_zps1a09e678.jpg
 photo 141k_zpsc39d723f.jpg
 photo 43h_zps1cfe5e9c.jpg
 photo 38h_zps6683a2d1.jpg
 photo 39h_zpsfb99e6a9.jpg
 photo 117a_zps02c4fe59.jpg

2014 218h Aaron Alderton
2013 48h Scott Gallop
2012 Not Held
2011 88h Justin Hutchby
2010 81h Rodney Smythe
2009 218h Aaron Alderton

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stockcar Teams Update 3

 photo TasmanWazza_zps31de6aae.jpg
photo by Wazza Andrew

 photo Team1Claytonsmall_zps5c3ca689.jpg
photo by Gregobro

 photo 405s_zpsc26a3738.jpg
photo by Gregobro

The Stratford Stormers took their first big title at Huntly Speedway last weekend and head to the top of the table. A number of teams have kicked off their racing programme but a few of the big names are yet to appear leading up to the NZ title at Rotorua on February 27 and 28 next year, some info about that meeting is HERE.

 photo 2014-15TeamsUpdate3_zps230736b3.jpg

November 8
Greenstone Park Speedway, Greymouth
Tasman Thunder def Greymouth Grizzlies

Eastern States Speedway, Blenheim
KB Cowboys def Eastern States Titans
Canterbury Crushers def KB Cowboys
Canterbury Crushers def Eastern States Titans

Paradise Valley Speedway, Rotorua
Rees Shield : Wanganui Vulcans def Rotorua Rascals

Woodford Glen Speedway, Nov 15
North vs South
KB Cowboys def Canterbury Crushers
Canterbury Crushers def Wanganui Select
KB Cowboys def Canterbury Invitation
Canterbury Invitation def Wanganui Select

Palmerston North, Nov 15
Palmerston Probables def Manawatu Steelers

Huntly Teams Meeting Night 1
Stratford Stormers def Wanganui Vulcans
Rotorua Rascals def North Island Select
Meeanee Maulers def Auckland Alleycats
Waikato Raiders def Huntly Hawks
Rotorua Rascals def Wanganui Vulcans
Stratford Stormers def North Island Select
Auckland Alleycats def Huntly Hawks
Meeanee Maulers def Waikato Raiders

Huntly Teams Meeting Night 2
Wanganui Vulcans def North Island Select
Auckland Alleycats def Huntly Hawks
Stratford Stormers def Waikato Raiders
Rotorua Rascals def Meeanee Maulers
Stratford Stormers def Rotorua Rascals
Meeanee Maulers def Waikato Raiders

At Woodford Glen, Nov 29
Tasman Thunder def Canterbury Crushers

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Huntly Stockcar Teams, Night 2

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 photo 6h_zpsceb421b5.jpg
 photo 91a_zps41157b85.jpg

Huntly Teams Night 2, Nov 22, 2014
PlaceMakers Huntly Speedway

Saturday nights racing was brought forward to a 5pm start with the forecast looking a bit dodgy and it proved a wise decision with light rain beginning to fall during the last race of the night. It may have had an effect on the crowd size but I think there was always going to be a smaller crowd with the postponement from last week. Anyway, it was a good call and the meeting was completed when most other tracks were washed out.

Semi 1
Stratford Stormers v Waikato Raiders
The home team won pole and 95h sat on the brakes holding up the inside row, 408s Mark Woods took the lead ahead of 97h until a spin by the local left two Stratty cars running out front Woods and 404s Todd Duthie. 94h Caldwell took up the running for the Raiders but the two Stormer runners were unstoppable, Woods putting a huge hit into the rear of 96h wrecking the bumper and not losing a beat. 405s Barker took 97h to the wall and when the white flag dropped no Raider cars were in a position to stop the runners, Stratford taking a big win with not much damage heading in to the final.

Semi 2
Rotorua Rascals v Meeanee Maulers
The Hawkes Bay team won pole and this was one of the better races of the weekend with plenty of action. 353r Steve Gray was in trouble early with a problem in turn 1 before our first really big hit of the night happened. 83b Brett Loveridge was trying to push a Rascals car into the wall heading towards turn 3 when 835r Damian Orr gave him a massive shunt into the wall wrapping the bumper around the right front wheel and bringing on the red lights for the Mauler car. 81b Randal Tarrant had the lead on the resumption but chased by three R cars he was taken to the grass by a blocker. 86b Marty Cooke stopped Damian Orr while 538r Brent Stewart now had the lead for the Rascals. Cook and 82b Jeff Hart slowed 538r Stewart but Tarrant was stopped by Dale Stewart before Orr put in another big shot on Tarrant, Tarrant survived and got away but the lights came on for Orr. We had 3 v 3 cars with 8 laps done. Dale Stewart then put in some great blocking on Tarrant while Brent Stewart did the running and Jeff Hart couldn't catch him, win to the Rascals but with plenty of damage.

Grand Final
Stratford Stormers v Rotorua Rascals
This really was the race of the weekend and worthy of a final. I thought the Rascals would have the favouritism going into this race but with the damage they took in the semi-final and the apparent ease that the Stormers had managed to despatch all their opponents it was going to be very close. 408s Mark Woods and 835r Damian Orr sat this race out, Orr's car must have been carrying too much damage as he had been a potent weapon in all their races up to this point. Stratford won pole but 405s Barker's tank was spun immediately. 583r Shannon Orr took the lead while Dale Stewart had an encounter with 404s I believe that cost him a wheel, the first of a series of blows that would ultimately end their chances. Both Brent Stewart and Shannon Orr were running well for the Rascals with Gray clearing the track nicely for Orr.  Duthie and Bevan Phillips were also running for the Stormers but with the Barker tank stationery the Rascals were on track for a win until Brent Stewart's right rear wheel collapsed and jammed leaving his car "crabbing' its way around the track. Orr's charmed run ended when he came upon the two Stormers runners, Phillips blocking and Duthie spinning him out of the lead with Orr unable to re-fire. With the front left wheel of Gray's tank also hanging by a thread all four Rascals cars were either stopped or moving slowly and vulnerable to attack. Despite every effort by Brent Stewart, Duthie and Phillips caught up and passed him on the last lap for a victory that looked unlikely mid race, Duthie taking a great win.

In a soggy runoff for 3rd and 4th place, the last race of the night pitched the Meeanee Maulers against the Waikato Raiders, 81b Randal Tarrant taking the high line with support from Marty Cook and basically going untouched to clinch the last podium spot. I think the top three finishers were the best performed teams of the weekend so a fairly satisfying result overall. Auckland Alleycats managed a good win over the Huntly Hawks with none of the Hawks cars finishing for the 5th and 6th race, and in the first runoff of the night Wanganui picked up a win over the North Island Invitation for 7th and 8th. Best support of the weekend was the Waikato Saloon title which almost threatened to out shine the main attraction with a decent field of cars, a couple of roll overs and some great close racing. The Stormers have often threatened to win titles but luck never seemed to go their way. The last two seasons have seen a marked improvement in the team and this I believe is their first major title win. Last year the Rascals won this title and went on to take the NZ Stockcar teams win and finish unbeaten all season, lets see if the Stormers can build on an impressive win at Huntly.

  1. Stratford Stormers
  2. Rotorua Rascals
  3. Meeanee Maulers
  4. Waikato Raiders
  5. Auckland Alleycats
  6. Huntly Hawks
  7. Wanganui Vulcans
  8. North Island Invitation
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 photo 408s_zps9b21bb8e.jpg
 photo 1meeanee_zps505ac362.jpg
 photo 88h_zpsa00b7b61.jpg
 photo 53h_zps18bdecd6.jpg
 photo 91awin_zps00eac8ac.jpg
 photo 1h_zpse784bd09.jpg
 photo 87a_zpsd1cc93f8.jpg
 photo 8g_zps5513a0b2.jpg

 photo 8h_zpsf669fec0.jpg
 photo 29b_zpsd3ea195c.jpg
 photo 41s_zps45ceb768.jpg